Winning Project – Koffiefabriek

We’ve been following Uda and Marijn from the beginning of their journey. They were on our wish list of architectural offices that we wanted to work with. It took six years for our paths to cross.

Finally the bell rang and we were asked to craft some images for their competition proposal for the Koffiefabriek near the Amstelkwartier in Amsterdam. The task was demanding, and so were the competitors. Luckily, Meesvisser’s partner for that project was Lister buildings – a company that makes prefab wooden homes. The result was a relatively young team where open minds and almost sports-like ambitions went hand-in-hand. 

Based on the competition brief, the views were already specified and we had no site images nor access to a Google Street view. Luckily for us, we’d been there before and we’d already had the feeling of the space and its potential.

Having a high quality brief from the architects was also important. It helped us understand what the building had to offer. There is a lively plinth which is home to a variety of activities. There are boat rentals, a garage, a huge workshop, an atelier, a coffeeshop and a common room. Moreover, the building has two faces. The exterior, which is public, and the interior, which is private. The exterior facades are clad with gray recycled wood planks, while the interior has a pure white facade with a natural wood colored grid-like structure.

We spent the first few days discussing how to approach the project so the 5 images to be produced would be coherent, display all the advantages of the design, and be simple and easy to remember at the same time. Not an easy task for real estate visualizations.

In the end, we decided to go for a set of images where you can feel the summer atmosphere with no hard contrast so all the details are nicely readable. Each image had to display a certain idea without showing off. We didn’t want to present everything at once; instead we focused on simple moments from the daily routine of it’s future inhabitants.

I think we can all be satisfied about our first time collaboration. We’ve ended up with some really good images, but the most important thing is achieving a goal and winning the competition.

Congratulations Meesvisser! Congratulations Lister Buildings!

Filip Kurasz

Art Director