We’re looking for the right frame, we play with the light, we learn. It all brings us closer to the beautiful image.

Element is an award-winning visualization studio founded in 2014 by two architects who shared a passion for translating ideas into outstanding visual content for real estate, architecture, design and branding companies.

We see ourselves more as photographers. We don’t just take pretty/sunny pictures or make empty promises. Instead, we strive to show the true value of the project in a fair and objective way.

A good and, above all, effective visualization is not only one that takes into account the needs of the client, but also one that is attractive to the recipient.

The basis of our work is sincerity. From the very beginning, we ask questions so as to catch potential difficulties we may encounter, but also opportunities to do something extraordinary.

We want our clients to be happy with the visuals and to be proud of them as much as we do. We use all sorts of tools and technology to create a visualization that will evoke a specific response from the viewer.

We especially appreciated short daily Skype sessions with screen sharing, where we could see the progress. Jakub and Filip brought valuable comments to the table and made the visuals looking better than we could imagine. I do not need to mention that the whole experience was very professional and everything was on time.

The night shot made for the Galileo Reference Centre competition entree was a winner. For the jury, it was clear, seeing this image, who the winner should be. Not just because of the design but understanding the universe and the client as well.

With a flexible and responsive attitude, ELEMENT really shows their commitment with their clients and their challenges.

Filip Kurasz

founding partner

Jakub Figel

founding partner

Magdalena Herzberg-Kurasz


Ola Kiraga

CG Artist

Karolina Figel

CG Artist