winners of the central square competition in warsaw.

We are happy to announce that our urban proposal for Central Square in Warsaw become 1st prize competition winner. Having in mind that the Square nowadays is “huge nothingness”, the project created by our studio was appreciated mainly for human-scale approach and cosiness that it provides.

Central square with the view on PKiN rising over the square in nighttime

[one-half-first]Central Square is a Warsaw main landmark for tourists and citizens. Mostly because of its central location on the map of the city and direct relation with Palace of Culture and Science – the highest and most iconic building in Poland. Nowadays there is no specified development plan for the Square so people feel free to use it in [/one-half-first]
[one-half]random ways. The leading idea of the project was a finger pointing on the square site which refers to tourists constantly pointing Parade Square on the map. This leaves a fingerprint which in reality is a delicate hollow in the square surface which can be used in different ways depending on actual weather or events.[/one-half]


The surface in the Central Square was divided into a grid that follows the surface division in front of the Palace of Culture and Science. Occasionally parts of the gird become cubic tree-pots. Vegetation, not only humanizes the space, but at the same time provides the chamber atmosphere of urban interior and divides it into functional areas. In social discussion our proposal was chosen as “the most interesting due to its chamber character” also “calm and attractive enough without big events taking place”.

Detiled view of square filled with trees


3D visualizations were created due to the specified by competition rules camera positions. Team aimed to visualize the calm character of the square, where people come to spend their free time. To achieve realistic and natural character of the image, we have used our library of cutouts supplemented by people in 3d models. The lightning was set to present the project in different times of a day which visualizes different characters of the Square.


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