Insight – Product visualizations

This year will be different. We love architecture and archviz in particular but there is so much more that we can do. And if there is one thing that we really hate it would be limiting ourselves.

We were preparing for this almost whole last year and the most difficult part of that process was actually saying “Ok, lets start!”.

We would like to invite product designers and furniture manufacturers to a joint adventure.

  • We know how to control light and how to compose the image.
  • We have the technical knowledge of photoshooting in 3ds max but also with a physical camera.
  • We are friends with roughly 50% of the colors from Adobe RGB Palette and we’ve heard a thing or two about human perception.
  • We know how to create a studio setup. Even better – during our architectural journey we’ve learned how to design and picture bespoke architectural environments.
  • We cooperate with architects, interior designers, 3d modellers, photographers and other people that can help us make the impossible possible.

Take a look of what we did before we have officially started. More to come soon…

Filip Kurasz

Art Director