third place – waterfront in warsaw.

We are proud to announce that our proposal for Vistula Waterfront Competition won the 3rdprize! Project located in Warsaw aims to create attractive public space on the Vistula Waterfront near Khal’s Square and iconic Mermaid of Warsaw.

A two storied atrium in innovation and art centre close to waterfront in Warsaw

[one-half-first]The leading project idea was to refer to existing urban site by providing a composition opening towards the Vistula River and reinforcing the links with Khal’s Square. The specific character of particular parts of the boulevard was created by alternating different kinds of temporary urban space and park areas. Small architecture refers to the temporary, easily demolished, floated pavilions proposed on the contiguous parts of the[/one-half-first]
[one-half]waterfront. Pavilions are placed on the modular construction that enables its floating on water surface during the overflow. Temporary constructions were supplemented with seasonal cafes, pergolas with different functions such as space with anti-smog green walls, artificial beach, boulders, pond with concrete “ice”, skatepark, bicycles stand, etc.[/one-half]


Except providing new functions on the boulevard, three new public buildings (The Multifunctional Hall, Restaurant and Creative Services Building) were designed to create more attractive space and detach it from the main street.

Architectural proposal for waterfront landscape in Warsaw

[one-half-first]We created 3d visualizations that would portray the vision in the most realistic and natural way. To achieve it, 3dmax and Corona render engine were used for raw images. Camera angles depict the project from the most frequently used spots – main entrances, interiors, boulevard. [/one-half-first]
[one-half]To envision the integration with the contiguous site we provide an aerial view composed from Google Earth image and our 3d model. All graphic postproduction was made with use of Adobe Photoshop.[/one-half]


A panoramic view of the riverside boulevard in Warsaw showing landscape stairs

Congratulations to WXCA studio and Riegler Riewe Architekten for their 1stand 3rd (tie) awards!


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