the big red.

2017 was a year of 200th anniversary of founding the Ossoliński National Institute. Due to the fact, that historical Ossolineum Library in Wrocław started to lack the space for all its exhibits, the international architecture competition was announced for Museum of Lubomirski Princes. New building is supposed to be located on the contiguous plot according to the Ossolineum National Library.

Taking into account all historical, cultural and architectural conditions of the area, our team emerged with the concept of Lubomirski Princes’s Museum. Project’s main idea was to emphasize important historical and cultural values of the site and to protect the main view axes. To preserve historical views and the authentic character of the street frontage, our team decided to design the 3-storey building which proportions and details would refer to the Ossoliński’s National Library. It aims to keep the new and historical forms in harmony.


Characteristic reddish colour of the Museum refers to the Ossolinski’s National Library building and together it becomes a space landmark in Wrocław Oldtown. Because of exhibition functions in the Musuem where daylight is redundant, the reddish paint was used to cover the walls together with details and windows.

The ground floor of the Museum was designed to enable easy transformation and linking with square in front of the building. This aims to integrate the interior of the building with exterior. The glazed plinth is reflecting the Ossolineum’s façade and the wall of baroque garden, when the overhanging solid top creates a absorbing entrance.

Camera angles were set to present the Lubomirski Prince’s Museum from main accesses, at the same time depicting the strong relation with existing Ossolineum National Library Building.