Our visuals for Marc Koehler's Superlofts

The Mark project is located in an industrial harbour in Amsterdam-Noord proposing mixed-use development. Five Superlofts have been already completed.

Aim of this project was to create a social hub where people can co-work in shared space and organise events. Common space for all inhabitants is provided on three first floors and third-floor roof terrace. Comfortable living area is located in flexible lofts above. Moreover, the building provides an open framework

which easily adapts to changing inhabitants and their various lifestyles. Creating visualizations always requires different workflow. This time we decided to share with you a short description of how images for this project were created. Step by step.

From clay model to realistic visualization

clay model

First step, after receiving ready model from a client, is always production of a clay render. We really appreciate advantages that it implements. It presents the visual in its purest form and gives a lot of information about lighting and composition of an image. Clay renders give full control over general settings and reduce disorientation with unnecessary details. Moreover, it is super easy to set it all up in Corona. You just need one click to replace all scene materials and make your image white.

material references provided by client
model with ready materials

Further on we move to the materials settings. Our goal is to acheive the most alike materials to what client has in mind. Being given precise references we use 3dsMax with Corona Renderer to create or fit given materials to accurate lighting conditions. In this project we focused on creating realistic brick, concrete and different kinds of stone.

implemeting greenery

Implementing greenery in 3dsMax gives us full control of final result. Forest Pack allows to achieve best quality and diversity of attached vegetation. It is especially important during summertime images when greenery should be vibrant.

When the desired mood is already there, its time to render!

implementing people

After rendering a raw image we move on to postproduction in Photoshop. It gives us maximum flexibility and control. We base mainly on Masking IDs produced by Corona Renderer which helps us in balancing with light, shadow, contrast. Final stage of postproduction process is implementing people. We always use high resolution cutouts that we carefully produce in our office.