five corners square competition.

The project is an architectural and urban concept of “Five Corners Square” in Warsaw, Poland. The proposal focuses on restoring the space for pedestrians in order to create new attractive and resilient city.

[one-half-first]The idea emphasizes the integrity of the site with the surrounding buildings. We proposed linear offset from the five building corners to symbolize the longitudinal acoustic waves. Simultaneously buildings can be interpreted as urban “musical instruments”,which impact with their vibrations[/one-half-first]
[one-half] and sounds on the surroundings. The use of the previously mentioned offsets has also other goal. It outlines historical paths and routes. The proposed solution creates a coherent and mysterious place, which is a cultural hub for the city centre area.[/one-half]


Camera angles depict different entrances from the streets, which cross the square. For postproduction we used mostly our own people cutouts by adjusting and placing them in Photoshop. Congratulations for the winner of the competition – Kacper Ludwiczak