drone transport and “anywhere” residential project.

Our studio worked on a concept “anywhere” – project showing how the future may look like and how the new transportation types may affect the urbanism. What looks like science fiction is actually happening so we can dream freely. This is our dream:

Imagine planet earth in fifty years from now. Technological progress will change the way you travel. No need of being connected to existing transportation system will let you live anywhereYou won’t have to worry about people living in the building next to you, watching you playing with your kids, preparing meal or doing laundry. People could still live very close to the city having easy access to all it’s facilities. New ways of communication – using drones will give you access to the places that so far were hard or impossible to reach. This freedom will allow people connect with the nature in a way that was never possible before.

A futuristic tower on top of snowy mountain

So! Why don’t we live between difficult to reach mountains or in the middle of the sea, simultaneously surrounded by nature and with quick city access? This may be possible soon. Future technology will allow us to build structures and transport people by drones to unlimited destinations. New form of transport will change the way we create buildings. There will be no human needed to build skyscraper. It could be 3d printed or assembled by drones.

A wide angle view of futuristic towers between the fjord

Skyscraper will allow to integrate drone transport with building on several access levels by using special platforms. It’s designed to stand on thinner core to decrease environmental impact. This self-sufficient building will be supplied by geothermal energy and able to collect rainwater. Oval shape gives opportunity to unite people with untouched nature. Orienting apartments towards outside lead to complete intimacy. This is how we dream about not far away future.

What is your dream?