In May 2021, Elephants Art director contacted us with a very unusual project – the restoration of three former water purification silos which they had started working on in 2017.

One of the most iconic buildings in Amsterdam, the SILO is now home to such urban facilities as a cinema, cafe, dance school, and a public rooftop park. The images we produced for the SILO were part of creating a new visual identity for Elephant. Currently, the project is at its final stage and the construction work is planned to start next year.

When working with Elephants, we have a partner who is always really well prepared. Their 3D models are clean, accurate, and have a lot of detail which allows us to make more realistic images. In this case we were also equipped with some site pictures from Marcel van der Burg. We’ve used it in one of the images on our website where we wanted to show how the SILO sits within an existing context near/next to a library in a public square.

Our strategy was to capture the emotions that the architects wished to evoke. On one hand the SILO is surreal, almost like a creation from a child’s dream. On the other, it’s been very carefully designed. What caught our attention almost immediately were the bridges connecting each tower, and the fact that it has a spectacular view towards the city.

Discovering the building was a lot of fun and we came up with plenty of beautiful ideas on how to present it. Unfortunately we were limited to 3 images and the selection process turned out to be really time consuming.

Luckily we all fell in love with a dreamy pic from one of the bridges which now hangs on a wall in our office.

Filip Kurasz

Advisor, CGI Art Director, Architect

He believes that creating memorable visualizations is a process whose success consists of many factors. During his career he has acquired design, photography and graphic design competences and in 2015 he combined them by opening a company that creates visualisations for architects, developers and product companies. Together with his team, he helps companies around the world increasing their recognition in the media, competitions and tenders.