Before and after – Galileo Reference Center.

Galileo Reference Center buidling is a headquarter for Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) created in collaboration with European Space Agency ESA and the European Union.

The design by de Architekten Cie. is unique in terms of sustainability. Architects convince that this building is 35% more energy efficient than required regulations. Each design is different, so before we start producing the visualisations we plan what kind of effect we want to achieve in the particular time. Based on that knowledge we choose a proper workflow.

In result, the balance between creating 3D environment and post production is never the same. As we were asked for creating two totally different atmospheric visualisations we used technique called matte painting. This workflow, based on rendering raw image and post producing it in Photoshop, gave us maximum control and flexibility.

Galileo Reference Centre building entrance during a cloudy day in Nordwijk in Netherlands - big
Galileo Reference Centre building with the sky full of stars in Nordwijk in the Netherlands

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